Outdoor Lighting




As night falls and your landscape seems to fade into the shadows, the elegance and subtlety of properly designed lighting can create a stunning night time effect.

Nothing has a greater effect on the comfort of an individual than the quality of light. Think about how you feel when approaching a dark house compared to how you feel when entering the property of a beautifully illuminated home. A proper lighting design recognizes this and creates a scene where the viewer is an active participant in a relaxing outdoor environment. This is achieved by: smooth transitions, varied light levels that direct the eye naturally from one area to another and create depth, balanced lighting across the scene, focal points, visual direction.


CAST Lighting

When David Beausoleil founded CAST Lighting, his mission was to provide the highest quality materials, workmanship and performance in the manufacture of landscape lighting fixtures. This mission came out of his personal frustration after years of working with products made of aluminum, copper, other metals and plastic composites. These materials simply failed to withstand the abusive outdoor environment and broke, bent, chipped, corroded, cracked and failed to perform their function. Settling on bronze for its durability, resistance to corrosion and natural beauty, David launched large-scale production in a custom-built foundry to produce what have come to be known as the highest quality outdoor lighting fixtures on the market today. Casting bronze is a labor-intensive operation requiring skilled workers who have mastered the art of sand-casting. Because the process is so time-consuming and difficult, no other manufacturer has even attempted to duplicate CAST’s fixtures.

Why Homeowners prefer Solid Bronze CAST Landscape Lighting Designers will typically ask a homeowner to first hold a CAST solid bronze fixture and then a fixture from another manufacturer. The immediate impression is surprise at how the CAST fixture is so much heavier than the other. This translates into the (correct) impression of greater durability and value. Homeowners who are looking for both quality and value will always select CAST.